From the Moderator: The loss of Fisherman Martin “Buckwheat” Gorham.

Updated: The photo has been removed because according to people, it’s not Marty Gorham. My apologies to all.  If anyone has a photo that they would like to see in is place, send it. BH Photo/Art by Richard Schutlz   Martin Gorham, a dragger fisherman, is just off his boat at Portland Fish Pier. “I love this picture,” says Schultz. “I love his looks, his attitude. He’s a total hardscrabble fisherman.

When tragedy strikes, it affects us in different ways. The events of the past thirty six hours or so, certainly effected me personally. My heart wasn’t in posting the news. I couldn’t seem to stop thinking about horror of a fisherman falling overboard off the coast of New England, and learning it was from the F/V Lydia and Maya.    Read more here  15:29

5 Responses to From the Moderator: The loss of Fisherman Martin “Buckwheat” Gorham.

  1. Penny says:

    this is woody

  2. shawn rich says:

    This Picture is not Marty.?????

  3. Mitch says:

    That picture is not “Buckwheat” Its Woody!

  4. - Moderator says:

    My apologies for posting the wrong photo. I guess you just can’t trust Yankee Magazine.
    If anyone has a photo they’d like to share, please send it, and we’ll post it.

  5. Dave Aripotch says:

    This seems to have been a tough year for almost everyone in the fishing industry. My heart goes out to the family of this guy, and to the crew that worked with him. This is the reason I hate what the so called ” Enviros” say about fishermen. Could you imagine Peter Shelly, Chris Zeman, Andy Rosenburg, or any of the EDF folks jumping on a fishing boat this time of year without thinking twice about it, Just on the hope that you will not run in to fish you cant keep,because running into fish doesn’t seem to be the problem. Hoping that whats left of the fleet hasn’t caught the very same species,because of all the enviros poorly thought out meddling,we have no flexibility left.Fuel prices off the chart . Bad weather, and still fisherman jump on the boat,head out fishing, to support their family,there community,the infrastructure, all the other folks that work around the industry,( shipyards,ice houses,fish cutters, packers,truck drivers, enforcement,academics,regulators,and on down the line). I look around with pride at who is left in this industry, These are the people who no matter how difficult,keep at it day in day out. These are the folks who are cut out of the ” regulatory process” . These are the folks who provide (at least what isn’t farmed and imported), the fresh wild caught seafood in this country. I’d trade a boatload of enviros for 1 Marty Gorham

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