The Devil in the Fishery Disaster Aid Details.- Mass. seen having leg up on fish aid

Elizabeth WarrenMassachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s office confirmed yesterday that the process for developing the distribution formula remains a work in progress, but with the underlying principle that the funds — specifically designated as assistance to the groundfish disaster proclaimed by the Department of Commerce in 2012 — should go to areas where the most groundfish fishermen have suffered the greatest level of economic distress from the disaster.But Warren’s office also confirmed that federal disaster funds, no matter the type of disaster, usually come with a hefty price tag for the states that accept them — a state must provide an additional 25 percent of the total amount of disaster aid it accepts. Read [email protected]  02:28

  • “…ensuring that the funds are used both to provide short term relief and to support the long term sustainability of Massachusetts’ fishing communities,”
    Easy beans: Pay off the fish quota owners. Buy them out. No more “boots on deck fishermen” busting their ass out there to pay stay home “fishermen” for leased quota. So easy… yet so impossible! Dependency, welfare, subsidy… is so much better. It buys power!
    How did the most independent profession in the history of mankind let a parasitic underclass of leeches destroy them?