Actor Rhys Ifans brands seal hunt ‘inhumane’

The Amazing Spider-Man  branded the killing of the marine mammals for their skins as “an off-season cash grab” for the Canadian fishing industry in a letter urging the Appellate Body of World Trade Organisation (WTO) to maintain the organisation’s decision to uphold the European Union’s ban against the practice ahead of their meeting in Geneva on March 17. Read more here timeslive  09:07

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  1. Delilah says:

    Who is he to brand it inhumane, veterinarians deem it humane. So he is a specialist on the hunt? Ad he got this degree from where? Surely somebody will see through these people … somebody must have the knockers to see what these people are trying to achieve off the backs of the fishermen! Somebody within this whole process has some sense about them to stop the propaganda!


    I can’t speak for other people but I believe I live in the Real World not a Sci Fi Computer generated one. Species need to be controlled naturally or through Human intervention.
    When Nature gets out of control we have to step in and give it a Hand. Over-population of Plants and Creatures can effect the eco-system. In the Northeast we are seeing the Asian Green Crab an invasive Species is threatening our Soft Shell Clam Populations. Lionfish in the South are killing anything in reach. Whitetail Deer Over-Population threatens the spread of Lyme Disease. Wild Turkey are attacking people. Coyote are eating family Pets. Invasive Plants are choking off Ponds, Lakes, and Waterways. a lot of this is happening in Mass.
    Talking about Seals on Monomoy Island in Mass., their over-population has drawn Great White Sharks. Not to mention their greater numbers have put incredible pressure on our Fish Stocks along with destroying Fish in Fishermen’s stationary Gear.
    Is the Hunt humane? The Hunts are not thrill kills. This Hunt is a necessary evil for centuries that has occurred to control the balance of Nature. There use to be bounties on Seals along the Northeast Coast.
    So when you look at that warm fuzzy picture of a Seal think about the Pets killed by Coyotes. Now those people only have Pictures left of their beloved Pets.

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