“I believe BP is winning.” – How a Gulf Settlement That BP Once Hailed Became Its Target

“In the beginning they was all real nice,” said Barry Labruzzo, a 35-year-old shrimper from Slidell, La. Mr. Labruzzo received an emergency payment from Mr. Feinberg’s operation in the early days of the spill, while also putting in a claim for lost business revenue. He was confident he would be paid quickly. “They would tell us we don’t even need a lawyer,” he said. nyt.com  Read more here  17:46



    These fucking non-profits GREENHEADS are being bought off otherwise they’d be all over the Media. Yet they continue to set their sights on Commercial Fishermen.
    This is my third attempt after trying 2 other comments. I know it’s not the Site owner but somebody is pissing in the Soup.