The Bodega Bay Fisherman’s Festival has honored local fishing community for 50 years

The Bodega Bay Fisherman’s Festival, happening May 4-5, will continue a 50-year tradition of honoring local fishers and the history of the county’s coastal fishing village. Bodega Bay’s annual festival, part community fundraiser, part celebration of the start of salmon fishing season, began in 1973 as a revival of a 1950s-era fete called “Discovery Day.” According to the Rancho Bodega Historical Society, the people of Bodega Bay started the Discovery Day Festival in 1958 to raise money for the town’s new volunteer firehouse. The event, originally held in October, honored the memory of Lt. Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra, the Spanish naval officer and explorer of the Pacific Northwest who the town of Bodega Bay is named for. At the first Discovery Day celebration, a boat parade around the inner harbor was led by Eddie, Steve and William Smith, members of the local Miwok Smith family who began Bodega Bay’s commercial fishing industry in the 1920s. 54 photos, more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 18:39

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