Montauk Commercial Fishermen Want Say on Wind Farm

The queer minded notions of Deepwater chief executive Jeffrey Grybowski

The queer minded notions of Deepwater chief executive Jeffrey Grybowski

As a Rhode Island company navigates multiple regulatory agencies in order to construct the first offshore wind farms in the United States in the ocean east of Montauk, commercial fishermen are raising concerns about how such projects will impact their livelihood. “We’re trying to sustainably grow the fishing economy,” said Ms. Brady, who lives in Montauk. “You don’t destroy something in the name of green energy. To destroy a sustainable industry in the name of sustainability is insane.” Read more here  16:53

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    You can thank Obama and his Executive Decision for allowing projects like this. That would be “THE OBAMA OCEAN POLICY” one man’s decision. This is not a we’ll thought out plan with Congressional approval representing all Americans. One man’s decision to steal all Americans Common Property. The 1976 Magnuson Act was brought forth to protect American Waters from outside Fishing interests wiping out our fisheries.
    Wind Power is not cost effective or dependable. Who will repair these Units during Winter and other foul Weather.
    We’ll pay the difference from Traditional Power Plants. The Plants are turning to Natural Gas instead of Coal now too.
    When Wind Mills don’t produce we’ll have to pay even more for the make up Power.
    This is just the beginning of Corporations grabbing up large tracks of Ocean. Obama’s Policy lays claim to Fresh Water Bodies too. Think about it Water is our most important Resource. Wake up and smell the Coffee while we still have the WATER!!!
    Beware of the United Nations “Law of the Sea Treaty” or “LOST” this will take our Sovereignty from these areas

  2. Ec Newell Man says:

    Striped Bass Hole +1!

    I have said this over the years to all those who soil their panties exclaiming how we are killing the planet by using fossil fuels and causing climate change….green energy at this time is a big costly fraud being perpetrated against the American public.

    Needless to say, ask them what they think about the GLOBAL WARMING PETITION PROJECT that now has over 31,000 scientist and growing, signing on to dispute the false narrative of greenhouse gasses are causing global warming.

    This is all part of the Obama Administration and their crony capitalism to support “supposed green” projects such as solar (think big fail of Solyndra) and this “dreck”, wind energy power.

    What is it going to take for the American public to realize that the cost of energy will go up even further as Obama continues to put the boot onto the neck of the coal industry and demonize shale oil and natural gas fracking, while we watch the average pump price of close to 4 dollars a gallon around this country.

    Well just a few hours ago, this news coming out of Rhode Island…and Rhode Island and Montauk fishermen beware:

    Wind farm gains CRMC approval –

    To wit:

    The CMRC vote keeps the project on track to be the first offshore wind
    farm in the United States, the company’s attorney Robin Main said at
    Tuesday’s hearing.

    Support those politicians this midterm election who will fight for our personal freedom and get the damn government off our backs!

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