Menendez – Pallone – Booker Push To Prevent Drilling Off Atlantic Coast – Don’t stop there! No Wind Either!!!

“New Jersey’s tourism, ports, and  together support a workforce of more than 1.5 million people. The impact of a major oil spill here would be devastating. We have a duty to keep our coastal economy and our ecosystems safe and sustainable.” Listen and Read more here 21:21

3 Responses to Menendez – Pallone – Booker Push To Prevent Drilling Off Atlantic Coast – Don’t stop there! No Wind Either!!!

  1. william skrobacz says:

    you think they would of learned from sandy?

  2. Ec Newell Man says:

    Here is a sitting ultra-liberal, progressive-loving democrat congressman from a state where the people heavily rely on fossil fuel products for commuting, movement of commercial products, heating and cooling their homes, and he ends a statement with “whatever.”

    To wit:

    Congressman Pallone says drilling for oil off the Atlantic Coast would not reduce gasoline prices.

    “If we really want to achieve energy independence, we shouldn’t be
    drilling in this very fragile area that impacts the shore. We should be
    doing more renewals, whether that’s solar power, wind power, whatever.”

    Congressional-tool Pallone….stop with the “whatever” as you continue to use the failed O’Bummer administration talking points on renewals which are not only costing us the taxpayers in funding these failed projects, but in continuing to keep energy prices the highest at this time in our nations history!

    Whatever……do you know the meaning and the context you are using it in Pallone?

    Whatever: “Used in an argument to admit that you are wrong without admitting it so the argument is over.”

    Part of the reason why gasoline prices remain high is due to this failed administration lack of a coherent (or in fact any reasonable) ENERGY POLICY, and it starts with developing and delivering fossil fuel products at the cheapest prices for gasoline, diesel and per kilowatt to citizens in this country.

    See people, Pallone and the rest of this pretty lame bunch of democrats such as Menendez (see: ) and Cory “I’m not from Newark anymore” Booker out of the Garden State, support deconstructing the United States, and a big part is in raising energy prices to un-thinkable levels….a direct user tax for using our cars, boats or prices on food products or services.

    Where is the compassion for those on fixed incomes…lower incomes….the working and middle class in America?

    When will this fraud against the American people stop with the continued support of the Green Energy Fraud?

    Haven’t we heard enough from these politicians who only serve themselves and the failed O’Bummer Administration?

    This Independence Day, give thanks to the men who stood up for building a nation where personal liberties once reined supreme and states right’s actually meant something.

    Tune these, and vote these democrat clowns out…do something about this November..and support those in Murrieta California in stopping ILLEGALS being sent into our country! (see: )

    Ps, why doesn’t someone ask Pallone, Menendez and Booker how they stand on allowing illegals coming into country…into our communities… Yes we know the answer already…and it shows you how far out of touch with hard working Americans these democrat clowns are!

  3. StripedBassHole says:

    Get ready for it “The real Shock and Awe!!!” The Dictator and Chief’s Executive Orders will be the Downfall of America. Especially “The Obama Ocean Policy”. So much for Democracy Socialism here we come. What happened to “The Constitution of the U.S.A.” that guided and protected us? Not to mention what happened to Congress sworn to represent us? Where is the Supreme Court? These three Branches of Government were developed to keep things balanced.
    God help the United States of America and God Bless us all.
    We need it.

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