Dick Grachek writes, ” They are stealing our ocean environment right out from under us.” He’s right!

doofA lease area of 22 Square Miles which is 12 miles offshore of the Maine coast?

Mainers, better get your activist hats on, that’s on some of your best outside lobsterin’ grounds, I believe.
This 22 square miles ( think about what a lot of near-shore ocean that is) for “Four floating wind turbine generators” and of course they’re known by their requisite acronym WTG’s, “…site conditions and multiple uses within the proposed lease area” —now, what do you suppose those other multiple uses might be?

Now this statement below is typical operating procedure for BOEM (aka Minerals Management Service which “oversaw” the Deepwater Horizon operation in the Gulf—an impressive resume).

They’re going ahead with the lease and just now issuing a notice of intent to prepare an environmental statement—Fire ready Aim?

“Concurrent with the RFI, BOEM also issued a Notice of Intent (NOI) to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that requested comments from the public for the purpose of identifying important issues to be considered.”

 They are stealing our ocean environment right out from under us.

BOEM Announces Finding of No Competitive Interest forCommercial Wind

Leasing Offshore Maine  Read This!

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