Reopening Cashes – In a briny preserve, fish and controversy thrive

This prospect — even if the most sensitive areas remain protected — has infuriated environmental advocates, who worry about harming the ledge’s unique biodiversity and further damaging already dramatically reduced cod populations. Vito Giacalone says fishermen are “just looking for some common sense.”  Read more here 11:54

3 Responses to Reopening Cashes – In a briny preserve, fish and controversy thrive

  1. DickyG says:

    Wow! Take a look at the comments at the end of this article in the Boston Globe. Either they’re all Conservation Law Foundation plants or the campaigns of misinformation brainwashing the public to believe that fishermen are the villains of the planet and arch enemies of the sea is working better than suspected.

    Isn’t the Boston Globe the paper whose editorial staff Jane Lubchenco was lobbying instead of attending the congressional hearing called to get NOAA to account for their bizarre anti-fishing posture?

    • borehead says:

      ha! El Globo is the CLF Megaphone!
      You’re absolutely correct. She had no time for personal friend, John “Mrs Heinz” Kerry.
      She couldn’t wait to get to the Boring Broadsheet to spread more pollution.
      The comments are reflective of ignorance, based on things like The Bottom Line and other dogmatic propaganda pieces. Speaking of which, the Billy Bass talking fish piece should give you a cheap thrill!

  2. StripedBassHole says:

    Looks like someone slipped a Bottle of Jameson’s in oops…

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