Dancing with the Cape Wind Devil – Two Island fishermen’s groups steer different courses

In a joint conference call on June 26, 2012, representatives of the Martha’s Vineyard/Dukes County Fishermen’s Association and Cape Wind Associates announced that the Island-based fishermen’s association had ended its federal lawsuit against the proposed wind farm on Horseshoe Shoal and entered into a settlement agreement with Cape Wind valued at approximately $1.25 million. Read the rest here 07:32

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  1. DickyG says:

    This is not just a local issue. The eminent domain type hostile takeover of the domestic fishing grounds is happening to all U.S. waters—ocean grabbing! In fact it’s a world wide privatization industrialization push that’s usurping traditional fishing grounds and all under the guise of “clean energy” and “sustainable efficient fisheries”. Please see http://fisherynation.com/archives/28703 and http://fisherynation.com/archives/28763 these are talks that were given at the World Forum of Fisher People recently.
    We are NOT ALONE!
    Unless fishermen wake up, get organized, and stop squabbling with each other in isolated pockets and begin to get the larger picture, there won’t be anything left to squabble over—or to fight for. Our fishing grounds will be one big “Restricted Area” aka The Energy Industry’s Water Park and Playland.

    • DickyG says:

      We are NOT ALONE! Let’s stop behaving as if we were. Enough of this taciturn
      independent fishermen image crap! We’d better let go of the self-serving “what’s
      in it for me” and start connecting with every other fisherman and farmer that’s
      being “disappeared” before there’s no one left to connect with. This is about
      the survival of our profession—not how angry and outraged we all are. It’s our
      way of life that’s being stolen from right under our collective NOSE! It’s
      gonna’ require a great deal of energy, time, and humility (in terms of dropping
      the ego-wrestling scrums and getting along and staying organized). Also you can
      have all the permits in the world nicely secure in a Permit Bank; but if there’s
      no where to fish they won’t be of much help.

  2. Ec Newell Man says:

    Cape Wind…and it seems everyone has a price….a price to just do a 180 and just walk away in objecting to what is one of the worst schemes to separate more dollars from people not only in the Bay State, but anywhere there is a plan for a wind management area along the east coast.

    Everyone has a complaint about something that is posted here, and most are valid. There are a whole host of them we see and read daily ranging from the science is bad to the government is lying to us or ENGO’s again pulling regulatory strings…and this….marketed as clean and green when many documented sources, not only in this country but also in Europe have said or found out the hard way time and again (blackouts, high cost of heating their homes) is extremely costly to the consumer and will play havoc with the economy as everything from food, the delivery of services and the cost of, heating and cooling our homes will exponentially rise.

    It is almost along the lines of the recent piece by Stolpe that goes into “real grass roots.” Great, I like grass roots organizations, but not grass roots organizations that take tax payer money for so called green energy projects that time and again have gone belly up leaving the tax payer will nothing for the use of their hard earned money (Google in: the fraud of wind energy projects).

    In fact as noted in the comments sections of this piece, if they come to fruition, they will cause electricity rates to sky rocket as noted in the Cape Wind piece by someone using the nom de plume – Mark J Cool:

    “Is this part of the ‘New Deal”? Will paying $ nearly $19 per kWT
    hour (versus $9 for the reliability of conventional electricity).”

    I would also take note of the few comments made so far on that story.

    By the way since I have mentioned this particular piece, there is this line:

    “remember Mark Felt’s advice to Woodward and Bernstein and “follow the money.”

    It was extremely questionable if the line was ever uttered or specifically discussed in those terms… From: The media myths of Watergate: Part Three https://mediamythalert.wordpress.com/tag/follow-the-money/

    The guidance to “follow the money” supposedly proved crucial in understanding and unraveling the labyrinthine scandal that was Watergate. Except that it really wasn’t.

    **** “Deep Throat” never advised Woodward to “follow the money. *****

    The passage appears in no Watergate-related article or editorial in the Post until June 1981, nearly seven years after Nixon’s resignation. It doesn’t appear, either, in All the President’s Men, the book Woodward and his Post colleague, Carl Bernstein, wrote about their Watergate reporting.

    “Follow the money” was written into the screenplay of All the President’s Men, the cinematic adaptation of Woodward and Bernstein’s book.

    The line was spoken by Hal Holbrook, the actor who played “Deep Throat” in the movie.

    Anyway, I can understand why anyone or any group would take the money…fine. But, I and other hard working American citizens will eventually pay for these bad deals as electric rates will noticeably rise in the future, and have every right to be upset about this and publicly say so.

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