Calling All Green Horns – Kodiak Arts Council auctioning week on crab boat – live aboard a Kodiak-based Tanner crab boat!!


KODIAK, Alaska – “Deadliest Catch” shows up on T-shirts, coffee mugs and even fireworks that try to cash in on the success of the Discovery Channel’s most popular Alaska-based TV series.

Now, the Kodiak Arts Council is hoping to turn that popularity to some good as it auctions a weeklong opportunity to live aboard a Kodiak-based Tanner crab boat.

 “It seemed like a natural way to try to get money for a nonprofit,” said Skip Bolton, a longtime Kodiak fisherman who serves on the arts council’s board of directors.

The auction, listed on eBay, promises “the adventure of a lifetime on an Alaskan crab fishing expedition.” Read More. Hell! Put in a bid!

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