Guest: Pacific Island fishing culture is under attack – Edwin Ebisui Jr. and Kitty Simonds

No FishingThe president’s final action, announced on Sept. 25, formally proclaimed 490,000 square miles of these waters as part of the PRIMNM. This modification reduced, but did not remove, the harm to our fishermen and communities who depend on these waters for their livelihoods and sustenance and to supply legal, reported and regulated seafood to U.S. consumers. Read the rest here 08:19

  • StripedBassHole

    What do you expect from a Dictator (Executive Decisions exclusively).
    Time for CONGRESS to put a Leash on this reckless Dog.

    • borehead

      It ain’t gonna get any better. The people have spoken, and he’s as deaf as a stone. He was elected by people that overlooked the unavoidable flaws that can no longer be ignored.

  • StripedBassHole

    Have you seen the latest POLLS on racism?