Sign the Petition and Tell Congress – SAVE OUR FISHERMEN – Author: Sandra Yates

tj_greg_mayhew_menemsha_apr222013_1a_02Over regulation and over-criminalizing America’s commercial fisheries is putting an industry out of business. Fishermen do not need to be treated as criminals. Fishing is CIVIL not CRIMINAL. These people just want to work and support their families like everyone else. They need help. Its a way of life being destroyed by bureaucracy and special interests groups, flawed data and plain ol fiction. Tell Congress to SAVE OUR FISHERMEN. Sign the Petition here 16:17

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  1. fairness in fishing says:

    Thanks for sharing. You are awesome!!!!!!

  2. Ec Newell Man says:

    Even when signing a petition like this, I saw a pop-up to join the Sierra Club (uncheck the box), and then a page from Greenpeace (X out the page). Incredible….

  3. jake says:

    If commercial fisherman break the law they should be seen as criminals. Take their license away then other commercial fisherman would get the hint don’t break the law and cheat the system. I was once a commercial crabber and saw plenty of guys who had no respect for the resources. I hope stricter laws are put forth to save your precious fishing resources. Once it is gone you can’t get it back.

    • Rex Simpson says:

      “Once it is gone you can’t get it back”. WRONG! Anyone who has worked on the water knows that the weather & that years spawn has more to do with amount of resource available at any given time. Also there is no exact science that determines amount of seafood stocks available.

  4. Rex Simpson says:

    Seafood in public waters are a natural resource that belong to each citizen equally. Most are not able to own a boat and trailer and drive to the coast to catch there share of the seafood. They have to depend on the Commercial Fisherman to harvest it for them. By over regulating and over criminalizing this industry many peoples right and ability are being to enjoy this public resource is denied. Please consider the consumer when management is considered for seafood.

    • Rex Simpson says:

      Why would you not consider the largest group effected? Selfishness! All the groups that are effected should be considered including the resource, consumer, commercial fisherman & the rec fisherman. Decisions made with all impacted will be better decisions. The man in Manteo has no more right to our seafood resources than the man in Murphy. Fortunately the man in Murphy does not have to own a boat & trailer and has the commercial fisherman to harvest his opportunity for him. It is the one sided decision making of the past and management plans that do not have a goal of more opportunity for all that has lowered the everyone’s chance to enjoy this great resource that we all share ownership in!

    • StripedBassHole says:

      I hate telling you this Rex but those Days are gone. Look into “The Obama Ocean Policy”. This Executive Order that resulted after H.R. 3534 “The Clear Act” failed to make it through Congress has taken a SIGNIFICANT FRACTION of ALL AMERICANS COMMON PROPERTY. That includes more then the OCEANS. It also includes INLAND LAKES< RIVERS< WATER SHED, and other SOURCES of WATER. WATER the most important RESOURCE of all CREATURES ON THE PLANET. Another thing to be aware of is "L.O.S.T." the U.N.s LAW OF the SEAS TREATY which if adopted will take OUR SOVEREIGNTY of all these AREAS, once ALL AMERICANS COMMON PROPERTY. Basically the NATION has gone on the OPRAH DIET. These AREAS will be GRIDDED OFF and LEASED to PRIVATE ENTERPRISE. In addition to the WATER the GRIDS include the RESOURCES below it and the AIR SPACE above it. Thus putting these AREAS in JEOPARDY to the likes of B.P.s GULF of MEXICO MAJOR OIL SPILL probably the greatest "MAN MADE PLANET ALTERNATING EVENT" we have seen. The RESOURCES are of great value, yet putting WATER all CREATURES most important RESOURCE in DANGER. This is by far the most UNAMERICAN thing I have witnessed in my life time. ALL AMERICANS should CALL, WRITE, EMAIL, or VISIT THEIR SENATE or HOUSE REP.s and ROLL BACK THIS EXECUTIVE ORDER, ONE MAN's DECISION not a CONGRESSIONAL MANDATE. If there is one thing ALL AMERICANS should do in there life time this would be PARAMOUNT. We are talking about WATER life sustaining WATER!

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