•Locating cod spawning grounds is critical to rebuilding stocks, and ‘torpedoes’ are helping scientists to find them.

 Sitting half-submerged in the ocean east of Scituate, the canary-yellow glider with swept-back wings looked like little more than someone’s errant model plane. Appearances can be deceiving, especially in this electronic age where more and more sophisticated technology is being loaded into ever smaller and sleeker packages. Read the rest here  19:23

  • StripedBassHole

    How about tapping a NATURAL RESOURCE, the FISHERS who have caught and dressed Fish throughout the REGION. Interviewing Fishermen could result in a WINDFALL of INFORMATION. The only problem may be a TRUST issue after the way we have been treated, NOAA/NMFS has shot themselves in the FOOT in this regard. I see a lot of give an take to smooth things over. It would be in both PARTIES interest. It’s time to re-level the playing field throw out CATCH SHARES like you threw the Baby out with Bath-Water with this program, Privatizing the COMMON PROPERTY is UNAMERICAN… In other words shed the “T.O.O.P.”…Ted Danson your so VAIN and no Carly didn’t write the Song about CHOOO…