HARVEY B. MICKELSON – UMass administration owes everyone answers on SMAST, the answers to the questions put forth herein must be forthcoming.

Apparently the administration of UMass Dartmouth is not going to respond to my request of having a public dialogue on its future relationship with the fishing industry. Those of us who have engaged in the seafood industry and who lived smastthrough the pre-SMAST years and have an understanding of the impact of SMAST on the domestic fishing industry are entitled to answers. Read more

  • Joel Hovanesian

    Yet another example of the corruption that has weaved its way from these rogue government agencies to our institutions of higher learning.
    Like so many other schools that indoctrinate our young from being free thinking, instead they drill into their heads this is the way it is and this is the wy it will be, period.
    This cannot be allowed to stand. Dr. Rothschild has always been a fair and innovative man when dealing with fisheries research. He has never accepted the status quo. He has been responsible for the revitilization of the scallop industry on the east coast.
    His findings through innovative stock assesment methods have turned the old school entrenched government, outcome based elitist’s against him so he has been purged. It is time that these narrow minded self absorbed so called scientist either step up and tell the truth about how they have been forced to fudge the numbers and who is behind it, or get the hell out of the way and allow real, non agenda driven reality based science, such as smast’s past work with scallops to become the new standard.

    Beacause then,and only then, no matter what the outcome, industry members will feel they have gotten a fair shake. That’s all we have ever wanted from the get go. A FAIR SHAKE!