Seal hunt off Nova Scotia dormant as pelt market disappears

The seal hunt off Nova Scotia’s shores isn’t dead yet, but it’s pretty much dormant, fishermen said Tuesday. If market conditions improve, I’m sure we’ll be back into her.” Courtney said seals eat a lot of fish and Ottawa needs to help fishermen by opening up international markets or instituting a cull. “Basically, we’ve been waiting for the federal government to come out with something to do with the seals, because they’re basically eating us out of house and home,” he said. Read the rest here 13:50

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    People have to take a different view of this issue. Granted Seals are cute. Yet over population in any Species spells trouble for the whole Population. Giving these Mammals a protective Shield has done nothing but give people a warm fuzzy feeling. The truth though comes down to upsetting the balance of Nature. You see it in the over population in the White Tail Deer in certain Areas of the Northeast. Lyme Tick Disease and Road Kill are just a couple examples. Look at the Population of Seals in Cape Cod, Mass. there is no way of processing the waste from these Mammals. The Population has drawn in Predators that weren’t prevalent until this occurred. Forage is limited to the determent of the Population. Surely this will lead to Disease if it hasn’t begun already.
    So is this protection a good thing or not. You be the JUDGE…

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