The Ocean Grabbing, Ripping, Gutting, and Fishing Restrictions Begin Off Block Island!

DW_map1Construction will begin the week of July 20, and take about 8 weeks. Vessels are also prohibited within the Coast Guard’s 500-yard Safety Zone around each foundation during construction. Area B is a heavily used trawling area this time of year, and there may be some irate draggers,” said Rhode Island lobsterman Bill McElroy at Deepwater’s meeting last week to share construction plans and fishing access information. Read the rest here 12:18

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  1. Edward Everich says:

    Just curious as to how and why these staging areas,( A & B) were chosen and what the dialog, if any, was with the inshore Dragger fleet. If someone made a choice of a mooring/staging area they couldn’t have possibly made a worse choice than “Area B”. If this is an example of how Deepwater Wind is going to treat the local industry then it is in total contradiction to what we had been lead to believe at several meetings. I have to wonder if this is only the tip of the iceberg. Can’t wait to see what is on the horizon with the cable project East of Pt. Judith, etc. More smoke and mirrors from the spin Doctors.

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      Get out of the way, no room for you pesky pee on food producers in the new world order. This ill advised joke is nothing more than a windfall for the well connected at the expense of the taxpayers yet again. If this scam was a viable business opportunity private industry would be all over it without the need of government handouts/subsidies.
      Not to mention the electricity generated by these things will be unaffordable.
      This boondoggle will make Solindra look like a day at the beach. When will we ever learn?

  2. Ec Newell Man says:

    This is the “new normal” of government steam rolling over the rights and personal liberties of the American people, as we see another case of crony capitalism.

    Sure there were those “stakeholder” meetings with fresh coffee and cookies put out for all to indulge on (aka distract), but this is all part of the warm and fuzzy process of being non-confrontational and trying to appear being concerned with what the people are telling those running these meetings.

    It’s fact finding with public input and discussions, and someone taking notes down for further review by the “higher ups”… and at the end of the meeting a big wet kiss by those running the meeting that there will be more information and discussions in the future.

    But in the end, to heck with what you have said to stop these publicly funded Green Energy sinkholes from being erected off our shoreline, and heavens forbid if fishermen and those in the fishing business getting in the way.

    People, these are trying times, and how we hold our nation together as it is being ripped apart by BHO and his cohorts….and who can imagine how much worse it can get over the next 18 months…..

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