EPA causes a major environmental disaster, the question is: will it fine itself and fire those involved?

The often justifies its own existence by noting that corporations, who see profit as their goal rather than environmental protection, are ill-equipped (or at least, ill-prioritized) to care for America’s natural resources. It turns out that, perhaps, the EPA might also be ill-equipped to handle toxic waste when it comes to preventing large-scale pollution of our nation’s waterways. In fact, they may have caused, on its own, one of our nation’s greatest environmental disasters. Read the rest here 17:45

One Response to EPA causes a major environmental disaster, the question is: will it fine itself and fire those involved?

  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    C’mon, four American patriots died in Benghazi and we are still waiting for someone to be fired (not a general either) and someone to go to jail (Shillary).

    Here we have a governmental regulatory body, the EPA that is directly responsible for catching polluters and repairing damage. No what we do have is an agency lately going after those who can’t contain the aromas from their barbecues!

    – An utter environmental disaster with untold short and long term health and well-being consequences to both human and wildlife in that region.

    – A possible billion dollar cleanup, at a minimum where the US government has created its own Superfund site.

    – A government agency unprepared and ill-suited in quickly reacting to containing a accident with some backup plan in place just in case of a breech in the leeching containment dam.

    Oops, we screwed up and we have no concrete answers to the magnitude of this disaster……that’s what we get in the first response from the EPA?

    So now the fingers will be pointed, congress will have hearings and incompetence will be spread throughout that agency with taxpayers again being on the hook for this cleanup, and the reprobate in the White House doesn’t get off his duff during his summer vacation, and immediately fire EPA head Gina McCarthy…because with this out of control administration, the buck stops doesn’t stop with those who are responsible in the federal government.

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