Offshore Wind Spin in Morro Bay – trawling and netting would be off limits

floating windmillAt a public forum Thursday in Morro Bay, residents grilled officials from a Seattle-based wind-energy company on how their proposal to install 100 windmills off the coast might affect fishing, views and the environment. Officials with Trident Winds (UK) sought to put the audience of about 100 people at ease, saying the structures would have minimal impacts while supplying renewable energy for up to 300,000 California households. Read the article here 09:03

3 Responses to Offshore Wind Spin in Morro Bay – trawling and netting would be off limits

  1. Bill Diller says:

    Ah,”progress” The plan is progressing well. Trawling has already been virtually eliminated by The Nature Conservancy’s buy out of the trawl fleet. Shark and swordfish fishing is also virtually extinct due to marine mammal “take” hard caps which have shut down that fishery. There haven’t been any substantial runs of albacore for years off of Morro Bay because of who knows why. The only remaining fishery offshore is the sablefish longline fishery. The Trident Wind Co. is, of course, using this data of no fisheries to their advantage.Realistically, there is no valid reason as far as fisheries to not put the turbines there. If there is any impact to the fisheries, that could easily be mitigated to the approximately 10 sablefish longliners through financial reimbursement. I realize this isn’t going to be a popular reply but it’s the truth. The “green” ENGO’s have pretty much strangled commercial fishing in Morro Bay down to one viable aspect and that will be easily moved to the “non issue” category as well. I’m sure that there will be lines of fishermen waiting with their hands out for subsidies as this has become, over the past 40 years, one of the main sources of income for the once flourishing fleet.

    • DickyG says:

      Well said. They’re using the same process here on us in the Northeast.

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      This has been a well orchestrated plan in the works for a long time. And contrary to what you think, your comments will be well received here.
      We are loosing our ability to harvest seafood at an alarming rate because the green mafia has been put into positions of power within our corrupt government agencies. Until we elect people that represent us, we the people, nothing will change. It’s happening here on the east coast as well.

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