An Update on the Caledonian Family Relief Fund.

866f439b-ce51-47b7-a623-4f82bcfefee4_profileOn December 17th we posted There appears to be a problem with the Caledonian Tragedy Family Relief Fund. We said inquiry’s  would be made, and we did inquire! We received a response from you caring on Dec 18, saying they would investigate the status of the fund. Calls were made to the company for comment, but we got dumped at the voicemail of the company attorney, with no response. Today, an article (damage control) was posted at undercurrent via that the funds will be released. When we post a fundraiser for people in need, we expect those funds to be distributed, otherwise we certainly wouldn’t post them. I believe this would still be in limbo if we didn’t dog them. Merry Christmas to the surviving loved ones of this tragedy.

Pacific Seafood Group, the parent company of Vancouver Island, Canada-based S&S Seafood and Ucluelet Harbor Seafood, announced on Dec. 23 that a fundraiser for the families of the crew lost on Caledonian has raised over CAD 100,000. The 33-meter trawler sank on Sept. 5, 2015 resulting in the deaths of skipper Wesley Hagglund, engineer Keith Standing, and deckhand Doug White. Standing and White were both from Port Alberni. Hagglund was from Duncan. A fourth crew member survived. Read the article here 16:40

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