Nova Scotia to Cooke Aquaculture: Pay up on $18m loan

The provincial government is calling in Cooke Aquaculture’s $18-million loan. The money comes from a major loan announced by the former NDP government in 2012. The government was to make up to $25 million available for the company, $9 million of it forgivable, if Cooke could expand a feed mill in Truro, build a salmon hatchery in Digby County and a processing plant in Shelburne, and create up to 400 jobs across the province. “We fully expect Cooke Aquaculture to live up to their component of that agreement,”,,, Read the article here 10:37

One Response to Nova Scotia to Cooke Aquaculture: Pay up on $18m loan

  1. DickyG says:

    Why are the Canadian and U.S. governments pushing aquaculture with free money? And at the same time fishermen go to sea in 35 year old vessels for lack of “allowable catch”, and therefore the funding to build new ones?

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