Savage quota cuts will finish off the New England small boat groundfish fishery

manatthewheelFishermen and fishing stakeholders say the darkness that has descended on the Northeast groundfish fishery over the past three years is only going to grow deeper in 2016, with some fishing stakeholders envisioning the final collapse of the small-boat industry due to slashed quotas for species they believe are abundant. “We’ve never had a greater gap between what the fishermen are seeing on the water and what the scientists are saying,” Giacalone said. “Never.” Read the rest here, if you can stand it. 06:23

3 Responses to Savage quota cuts will finish off the New England small boat groundfish fishery

  1. philips66 says:

    NOAA Fisheries, here to put families in the poor house, and destroy the small boat fleet. Our tax dollars at work!

  2. Rocky Novello says:


  3. Joel Hovanesian says:

    Like we’ve always said, it has nothing to do with conservation and everything to do with elimination. Until fishermen are willing to make the sacrifices the ranchers out west are making nothing will change. The federal government has become tyrannical. Just ask the Finnicuim family.

    In New Mexico coal mines and uranium mines are being shut down because of environmental legislation controlled by these extremists hate filled groups. Shutting down these industries results in dying and dead towns, relocated families, traumatized families at all levels. The industries whether it be agriculture, mining or logging cannot afford the reclamation costs in the millions and other environmental regulations required by the environmental laws at the federal level thus …shutting down and destroying the local economy. These recent incidents resulting in a death are the frustration of normal people struggling to survive off the land on a daily basis who are not sophiscated enough to fight intellectually and legally and who do not have the financial or intellectual means to accomplish change. This death and desperate act came out of heartfelt saddened frustration at nobody caring about their financial, emotional, legal and family situations in the rural areas of America. Desperate men do desperate things.

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