Enough IS Enough! FV Midnight Sun Closed area call


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  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    This is a well respected life long fisherman who like most other fishermen who have not become beholden to the NGO whore masters, is at the end of his rope and had enough of this government tyranny. We all know the government is going to attempt to crucify him over this.
    Those who are not in bed with the NGO industry destroying bastards are going to have to step up and help this man any way they can.
    This is just going to be another battle in this on going war. NEVER GIVE UP.

  2. alaskagal says:

    Poor bastard. I think his language was mild considering the circumstances!

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      He had a melt down plain and simple. It’s what fishermen around this country have been driven to. This government sanctioned abuse MUST STOP!

  3. Borehead says:

    Everything I know about this Fisherman is good. A good man pushed to the point of losing his composure, under another threat to his livelihood. Who wouldn’t react that way under the threat of a NOVA that has the potential to ruin him, his family business, and his reputation, which is one of integrity.
    We cannot forget the destruction of so many other good Fishermen by the over zealous, scandalized NOAA OLE.
    When I heard this, its the first thing that came to mind.

  4. Tommy t says:

    This was only half of the conversation when this boat from North Carolina came up to do patrols me and a few other boats were fishing the line as usual for a lot of vessels now I just went to bed from a long 36 hour stint in the chair because of 30-40kt winds and 10-15 foot seas I had a inexperienced crew and we were on some fish. An hour after I layed down they came up to me following behind and asked the usual bs questions then said have a good day and I watch them take of 5-6 miles west then stay distance for two hours then they crept back to me and asked a few other questions I had a feeling I was going to get a surprise and I did they proceeded to tell me that they tracked me a quarter of a mile inside the closure so I instantly called bullshit on there part and told them there wrong and to come aboard and check my track line that I have been making for the past 4 hours they refused.then they told me they were going to send a violation in the mail I asked them to come over and deliver it in person they refused.so I asked how come they weren’t giving violations to the other two boats in front of me against the line who were even closer I got no answer to that question then I asked them how come if they caught me inside the closed area they are continuing to let me fish and not terminating my trip and escorting me in and he could give me no awnser to that question. so now I’m getting mad and I told the to call NMFS and check with them because they are tracking me constantly with skymate as it is I have 3 gps and the government tracker the awnser I got was we just did and they said you were I told them BULLSHIT and called there bluff I called nmfs and talked to the lady watching me fish I told her I was having a issue with the coast guard and and if she has noticed that I crossed the line at anytime this morning she said that she has been watching me all morning and at no time have I crossed the line I just been fishing next to it I said ok then I asked her now at anytime have you or anyone there had any calls from the coast guard about this situation she said no I told her thank you have a good day hung up and my face turned red and steam came out of my ears and then got back on the radio and went off on them cause they straight lied about it and that’s when they started recording to make a long story short the violation was dropped there was a investigation and the coast guard was found at fault because there tracking radar was not calibrated and was reading my position 1/4 of a mile inside and I received an apology then got a $100 FCC fine for swearing so much over the radio that was later dropped I DONT HATE the coast guard I have family serving and friends serving when they save people’s lives by risking there own I love that but when they try to play fish cop and don’t even know what a codfish is and have to look in there text book to figure out what fish there looking at I hate them. this was three years ago

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      Tommy, I’m so happy to hear this has been taken care of. I have to admit I’m also somewhat surprised they didn’t try to cut your balls off and hopefully this will be the end of this sad story. That said, I knew what you were dealing as soon as I heard the audio. We have all been there.
      Some would say that you were too abusive and went to far. To those folks I just say until you have been on the receiving end of it you just don’t have a clue. I even told people that you were probably extremely tired and stressed. Hell we’re all stressed these days.
      That said. I am proud of you for standing your ground and speaking your mind, even if it wasn’t politically correct. [email protected]#& that PC shit! More people have to start speaking out when they are being abused by a government that seems hell bent on controlling all aspects of our lives. I use the word tyranny often, and I don’t use it lightly. However when you see what is happening to hard working food producing Americans all around this nation at the hands of tyrannical government agencies be it NOAA or BLM, people had better start taking notice and ask, why?
      God Bless you Tom and also those who stand with you during this terrible situation!

      • Tommy t says:

        Thanks Joel and I just want people to understand that what you heard in the recording was only half of the conversation they didn’t start recording untill I blew up at them I kinda makes me look like I freaked out for no reason the conversation started out with less swearing and yelling but 3 separate gps and my skymate plus nmfs said I wasn’t over and they didn’t even bother the two boats ahead of me who were against the line also.I highly respect the coast guard for what they do but accusing me of something I didn’t do then lying about talking to nmfs set me off brings me back to few years back of the horror stories of over zealous coast guard and agents. I don’t know if they thought since I was 28 at the time Iwas young and inexperienced that I would be scared and not contest the situation but they found out that day that I can wasn’t afraid and I wasn’t a person to roll over and take a fine and it was proven that they were in the wrong

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