Tootoo urged to promote TPP and billions in seafood exports, briefings show

hunter-tootooFederal Fisheries and Oceans Minister Hunter Tootoo is being urged by his department in a new briefing documents to help it rebuild its scientific capacity after it was gutted by the former Harper government. The federal department, responsible for protecting Canada’s fisheries and oceans and promoting sustainable development, told Tootoo in the internal briefings that several of its divisions suffered more than $150 million in cuts to annual budgets under the former government, including a struggling Canadian Coast Guard service. At the same time, the briefing notes touted recent trade agreements, including the controversial , saying they were offering growth opportunities for Canadian fisheries exports. Read the article here 15:26

  • DickyG

    Oh Canada! This is some piece of work! With a Federal Fisheries and Oceans Minister like Tootoo, who needs a Domestic Fisheries Saboteur? And I thought the U.S. was the leader in spawning situations like this where the people’s representatives represented themselves at the expense of the peoples.