Full steam ahead for composite ship doors and hatches

0516CW_Applications_IMG_9686toArtCost reduction, says Arnold Vaandrager, director of VABO Composites (Emmeloord, The Netherlands), is the most important factor in the commercial shipping world. To meet that need, VABO has added to its wide range of composite products (e.g., architectural structures, shovels/buckets for construction vehicles, 10m-tall radar masts for superyachts and manipulator doors and valves for pallet placement machines) ship doors and hatches that offer a 50% weight reduction vs. conventional steel doors. The composite design not only reduces fuel costs but also improves ergonomics and practically eliminates maintenance costs — repeated painting is no longer required. Another advantage is that vibration isolation, ballistic resistance and flame retardation also can be integrated into the part during manufacture. Read the rest here 10:27

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