Ray Hilborn Responds to the opportunistic attack of Greenpeace

Ray_HilbornI would like to thank Greenpeace for offering this opportunity to advertise our research and its results. Greenpeace is unable to attack the science I and my collaborators do; science that threatens their repeated assertions that overfishing is universal and that the oceans are being emptied. On the contrary it is clear that where effective fisheries management is applied, stocks are increasing not declining, and this is true in North American and Europe as well as a number of other places. Overfishing certainly continues to be a problem in the Mediterranean, much of Asia and Africa. The timing of Greenpeace’s attack is not random. In two weeks I will receive the International Fisheries Science Prize at the World Fisheries Congress.  http://international.fisheries.org/requestfor-nominations-for-the-2016-international-fisheries-science-prize/ This prize is awarded every four years by fisheries science organizations from a number of countries including the U.S., Australia and Japan. In my plenary address I will be showing where overfishing is declining or largely eliminated, as well as where it remains a problem.  This is a message Greenpeace seeks to discredit. Instead of focusing on the science, Greenpeace has alleged that I failed to disclose “large amounts of money from the fishing industry and other corporate interests.” Read the rest here 12:43

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  1. DickyG says:

    Ray Hilborn’s been calling out the “junk science” that so many phony environmentalist groups employ in their mega-fund raising.

    Such junk “scientific studies”, that often have no resemblance to the scientific method, devastate the integrity of authentic, intelligent, non-agenda (i.e., not corporate grant-directed future profit securing) searches for solutions that are desparately needed worldwide— and certainly here in the domestic fisheries.

    And worst of all, phony environmentalism undermines the credibility of a very real need to understand the very real physical consequences of our high-tech electronic obsession and the consequent obsession to supply this growing universe of e-gizmos with more and more electrical energy (i.e., windfarms, wave-energy capture contraptions, oil/gas rigs on productive fishing bottom).

  2. Borehead says:

    More Greenpeace Quackery
    Its almost laughable that the extremists at Greenpeace, the ones that are responsible for defacing the sacred Nazca Lines etched into the Peruvian desert for a climate protest, has now set their sites on probably the most credible marine scientist in all of academia! Daniel Pauly is mentioned in this article, and I have to ask the Greenpeace goons of destruction, why no attacks on his funding?Its obvious Pauly, another extremist of quackery, gets a free pass, even though he is funded by the oiligarch of the Pew Charitable Trust, pumping out dogmatic idea’s and notions referred to as “study’s”, peer reviewed, of course! With a network of other “like minded scientists”.One would believe oil money would raise some red flags like it appears to with when the climate people assassinate climate deniers, but in this case, eh. No big deal, right? Unless you understand Pews agenda.The fact of the matter is,[U.S. fisheries continue to rebuild; number of overfished stocks remains near all-time low]. Copy and paste that into your browser and read the NOAA report that will show you, Hilborns science is correct. Look into it further as far as other fish stocks in other area’s of the globe that he has reported on. His reputation is impeccable.Look into other industry funded science like the various research set aside projects. The US Scallop industry, the top money producing fishery in the nation utilizes this method of funding.For those of you that have commented, not knowing anything about Hilborn, I urge you to get to know him. It will take you about twenty minutes watching this You Tube video.
    Ray Hilborn Plenary, Seafood Summit 2011

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