Crashed $450K scallop survey HabCam is recovered

AR-160529499.jpg&MaxW=650Scientists and crew members aboard a NOAA-chartered research vessel have recovered a $450,000 scallop survey camera that was lost a week ago when it apparently snagged on an underwater shipwreck southeast of Delaware Bay, a NOAA spokesperson said. “We are pleased, relieved, and preparing to move forward with our (scallop) survey for this year,” Susan Gardner, acting deputy director of NOAA Fisheries’ Northeast Fisheries Science Center, said in a press release. The camera appears to have only “minimal damage” on its exterior and is being tested by scientists, NOAA said. Read the rest here 16:04

One Response to Crashed $450K scallop survey HabCam is recovered

  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    Another example of why the government should not be doing survey work on fisheries. Be it scallops or fin fish. This survey has been done by smast Dartmouth in the past with industry provided platforms. In other words fishing boats run by fishermen.

    This is just NOAA’s way of controlling the data and watch out when that happens. They have pretty well destroyed the fin fish industry. Now on to the scallopers. This will not end well for that segment of the industry.

    Bottom line, fisheries stock assessments should be left to the experts, the fishermen, not the tyrannical agenda driven agencies that seem hell bent on destroying the American fishing industry.

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