What a surprise! Fishermen can catch grass carp, but government scientists can’t!

Despite Quebec’s investment of $1.7 million to tackle a possible grass carp invasion, scientists have yet to locate any specimens themselves. Quebec’s Forests, Wildlife and Parks Ministry was quick to roll out a plan to combat the invasive species after two fishermen in the Lanaudière region caught a 29-kilogram grass carp in the St. Lawrence River May 27. Government scientists’ subsequent fishing expeditions have taken place in the Contrecœur area, about 60 kilometres northeast of Montreal. Tuesday, the ministry announced they have come up empty-handed. At this stage, laboratory tests are underway to determine the presence of grass carp DNA in the St. Lawrence River, sampling water from different areas. Those results will be available at the beginning of July. The grass carp is a type of Asian carp. The one that was caught in the St. Lawrence River was estimated to be between 15 and 30 years old. link 10:17

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