Marine Safety: The new ACR Electronics Firefly PRO rescue light

waterbugThe new Firefly PRO rescue lights by US-owned ACR Electronics are extremely bright, reliable LED strobe lights which, claims ACR, ensure the best chance of visually alerting rescue services for accurate location in an emergency. The powerful lights feature a long battery life and they are targeted at workers at offshore wind farms, in the oil and gas industries, deep sea fishing and other commercial sectors. Available in two versions for manual or water-activated operation, the SOLAS-approved lights use wide light emission LEDs to produce a 360 degree beam of light that is more than 41 candelas bright, allowing for visibility of over 3.5 miles. The compact new strobe lights operate continuously for more than 56 hours with standard alkaline batteries, or for 28 hours using the steady-on feature, due to a light output power management system featuring ACR’s new microprocessor and energy efficient electronics. Read the rest here 11:26

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