Maine fishermen testing a ‘game-changer’ for protected cod in the Gulf of Maine

985021_891307-20160713_Ground-Fi4Like many Maine fishermen, Bryan Kelley faces a dilemma as he looks to diversify beyond the lobster that account for the bulk of his catch. To target pollock, which are relatively common in the Gulf of Maine, he has to fish in the same areas frequented by cod, a type of groundfish protected through strict federal catch limits. “We literally have to stay away from the codfish,” Kelley said while standing on his 40-foot boat moored in the Five Islands harbor of Georgetown. “I could fill this with codfish if I wanted to, but that wouldn’t help anybody in this sector and that is not why we are out here.” To help him catch the groundfish he wants and avoid the species he doesn’t, Kelley has begun experimenting with a contraption akin to a conventional fishing reel on steroids and with an electronic brain. The “automatic jigging machines” loaned to Kelley and a handful of other fishermen by The Nature Conservancy allow them to more accurately target the water column where pollock hang out and stay off the bottom where cod lurk. Read the rest here 07:49

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  1. Rocky Novello says:

    Gulf of Maine fish stocks are back in Abundance there is more fish in these waters now , just ask to any commercial or recreational fishermen ? MORE FISH ARE BEING DISCARDED THAN ARE BEING LANDED !! Because of these ridiculous LOW QUOTAS .

    Believing ,our government is ( NOAA ) not giving a true picture to the USA PUBLIC about fish stocks in American Waters .


    America fishermen have most restricted laws in the world .
    America imports 92 % of fish consumed in U.S.A.—- WHY ?? Most of fish imported in USA are from countries with no fishing regulations ! Where are all environmentalist who pushes their wants on american fishermen . Environmentalist , DO YOUR JOB ??, not just in USA but threw out the world ??

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