Letter confirms FFAW boss Keith Sullivan is out of touch, by Ryan Cleary

ryan-clearyI wish to respond to Keith Sullivan’s Oct. 8th letter to the editor, “Cleary would divide, not conquer,” by agreeing with his statement that I’m “no Richard Cashin.” But then, I have no desire to be. It’s ironic that Sullivan should bring up Cashin. Prior to a mid-September public meeting in Corner Brook to gauge interest in a new union specifically for fish harvesters, I was pulled aside by Stella Mailman, a senior from Port aux Choix, who still fishes with her husband. (Because she “has to.”) Stella told me how she went around decades ago with Cashin and the late Father Des McGrath, signing up fishermen on the Great Northern Peninsula for the union when it got off the ground. Stella said she was compelled to attend the Corner Brook meeting to see “history repeat itself,” because, as so many agree, it’s “time for change.” Stella later took to an open microphone and raised her fist in defiance of the union Cashin created. As watershed moments go, that was a doozy.  Read the rest here 09:55

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