Key FISH-NL organizer (alledgedly) threatened ‘bloodshed’ at union meeting, says FFAW employee

ffaw-fish-nl-threatsAn FFAW employee says she was threatened with violence after a man wearing a FISH-NL hat split a table during a meeting of union members in Fortune on Tuesday. “He repeatedly pounded on the table, yelling about inches from our faces,” said Dwan Street, a project coordinator for FFAW. “It then escalated to the point where he charged the table repeatedly into myself and a colleague.” Street said the man “uttered threats, very vulgar threats” during the meeting and shouted “I will rip off your head and shit down your neck.” She said the man also told her that “before this is all said and done here today there will be bloodshed and it won’t be mine.” Richard Gillett, vice president of FISH-NL, during an FFAW membership meeting in Twillingate on Wednesday night that was run by Street. He said he didn’t know if the threats were true and had to look into the FFAW’s allegations from the meeting in Fortune further.  “I’m sure some of these meetings get hot and everything – but to the extent of death threats?” said Gillett. Read the rest here 10:28

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