“Fostering a New Generation of RI Fishermen” Fisheries workshop to be held Monday in Wakefield

Not enough young people are entering into Rhode Island’s fisheries. The problem is affecting the state’s commercial fishing industry in a number of ways – from an untrained workforce to an unsure future. An in-depth interview with almost 50 RI fisheries last year identified the low level of participation by young fishermen as one of the most “overriding aspects” of vulnerability in the current industry. On Monday, Jan. 9 starting at 4 p.m., a workshop on the absence of young people in the fishing trade will be held at The Contemporary Theater, 327 Main St., Wakefield. The workshop, entitled “Fostering a New Generation of RI Fishermen” aims to address the problem by collaborating with local young fishermen and examining what other states have done to overcome similar circumstances. Read the story here, and find more info here! 15:35

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