NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic Regional Administrator Announces Retirement

NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic Regional Administrator John Bullard today formally announced he will retire on January 5, 2018. Bullard, who took the top job in the agency’s Gloucester-based office in 2012, will leave a legacy of improved relationships with the regulated community, the research community, environmentalists, local, state, and federal officials and agency partners, including the New England and the Mid-Atlantic fishery management councils and the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. click here to read the story 15:41

  • DickyG

    Oh No!

  • CRAB554

    good riddens to him he was the worst 2 faced bueracrat we ever had he personaly destroyed thousands of mom and pop buisnesses

  • Joel Hovanesian

    What a crock of shit. Great relations with the fishing community? A legacy of wonderful this and wonderful that? Take a ride around the once bustling New England fishing ports to see the truth about his legacy. Starvation and devastation is the truth about his legacy.
    Any bets on which environmental organization he ends up working for? Or perhaps an observer company. #CRONYCAPITALISM
    What can we do to expedite this sorry SOB’s departure?