First Big Piece Of Fish Farm Puzzle Arrives On East End of Long Island

The bright yellow buoy bobs gently in the waves off Jackson’s Marina in Hampton Bays, emblazoned with a white fish above the legend “Manna Fish Farms,” and drawing eyes amid the fleet of white yachts and brown fishing vessels. The recent arrival, towed by boat from New Castle, New Hampshire, late last month and tipping the scales at 60 tons, will one day serve as the nerve center of Manna Fish Farms, the ambitious vision of Donna Lanzetta, a real estate agent from East Quogue who has been working for years to establish the first open-sea fish farm on the East End. click here to read the story 10:52

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  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    Her firm’s ambitious project, if successful, will help assuage the environmental damage inflicted by destructive commercial fishing practices

    For generations these so called destructing fishing practices have sustained local economies and coastal communities. The only destructive issue within the commercial fishing industry is the destruction being caused by those who seek to destroy our proud heritage. Read this and tell me which is worse.
    Another issue with farm-caught fish is that they are less nutrient dense. A serving of wild-caught fish is likely to contain more protein and healthy fats than a similar serving of farmed fish, while the farmed fish may contain antibiotics and chemicals that can increase cancer risks and that have been linked to behavioral problems and developmental disorders in children. One recent report published by Dr. Monsen of the University of Bergen, Norway noted that pregnant women who consume farmed fish are more likely to give birth to children who have a low birth weight.

    • Giuseppe pennisi says:

      Wow , I did not know that about farm fish. That is good to resurch . I am tired of people putting down commercial fisherman .

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