Prince of Wales claims Somalian pirates have been ‘fantastic’ for marine life because fishermen are too scared to go to sea

Prince Charles’ latest remarks have sparked outrage after he claimed pirates have been ‘fantastic’ for marine life because fisherman were too scared to do their job. The 68-year-old royal said there had been a ‘fantastic explosion’ of bigger fish off the coast of Somalia due to the lack of activity in the sea. Speaking to Sky News, Prince Charles said: ‘As a result, there hasn’t been any fishing there for the last ten or 15 years. And from that there has been a fantastic explosion of bigger and bigger fish.’ His comments came after delivering a keynote speech at the Our Ocean Conference in Malta, which came on the same day that he released a rehabilitated turtle back into the wild. click here to read the story 08:38

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  • DickyG

    The “Somalian Pirates” ARE the displaced fishermen! They have been displaced by China Fishery factory catcher/trawlers and the like, usurping African fish quota via political deals—enabled and fueled by by totally misinformed and misleading skits like this one from the Prince of Wales. And Your Highness, please throw out the Daniel Pauly, Boris Worm, Ransom Myers, treatises on “All the Big Fish are gone and nothing left but jellyfish by 2048…” since we have been “Fishing Down the Food Chain”—none of that is true, it’s Garbage! Worm has since admitted that he engaged in hyperbole to drive home the urgency of his ocean saving (and grant gathering) thesis!

    • Borehead

      No one seems to understand that these fishermen have had their resource stolen from them, at the hands of the EU.

  • Joel Hovanesian

    All part of the new world order.
    Wake up people. It’s happening everywhere right under our collective noses