Fishermen to managers: Our voices are ignored

The New England Fishery Management Council sent its program review roadshow to Gloucester on Tuesday night to gather opinions on the council’s performance and the fishery managers were not spared the lash. The comments delivered Tuesday night at the sparsely attended meeting at the state Division of Marine Fisheries Annisquam Station facility certainly were not new, at least not to anyone who has spent any time speaking with local fishermen about life under the regulatory gaze of the council. They revolved around a strong belief among local fishermen that management decisions affecting the fishery are made well before the council convenes its public meetings and the scientific data and on-the-water-expertise of local fishermen are ignored or demeaned when it comes to forming policy. click here to read the story 21:37

2 Responses to Fishermen to managers: Our voices are ignored

  1. Rocky Novello says:

    Wondering If , , N.O.A.A. Fisheries & their management councils is now
    causing P.T.S.D. on our fishermen & their families because their fisheries decisions ???
    For myself ,I have many sleep-less nights because of their draconian decisions . I WONDER ,HOW DO THESE REGULATORS & MANAGERS SLEEP AT NIGHT??? IS IT THE MONEY OR THE POWER OR JUST LACK OF GOOD FISH & COMMON SENSE ???

  2. william skrobacz says:

    Am I glad I retired!I don’t know how you guys do it.if was shit or get off the pot for me 750#of cod?for the YEAR?????WTF!!-!! NO MORE HEADACHES, sleepless nights,full of anger thinking crazy things about the wizards of nothing makes [email protected]#$$ sense!

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