Caiozzo Questions Langevin’s Support for Fishing Industry in RI

Republican candidate for Rhode Island’s Second Congressional District Sal Caiozzo is questioning the support being offered by Congressman Jim Langevin for the commercial fishing industry in Rhode Island. “For the past two years I’ve gone to D.C. and fought for Rhode Island’s commercial fisherman. I’ve made several day-long trips on commercial fishing vessels, I’ve met with fishermen, industry leaders and congressmen from states with a commercial fishing industry urging them to hear the plight of fishermen and stop over-regulating the industry. click here to read the story 09:02

One Response to Caiozzo Questions Langevin’s Support for Fishing Industry in RI

  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    Mr.Caiozzo is right. I have witnessed his concern for this industry first hand and spoken with him while he was out “working” on the deck of a local fishing vessel. He took time out of his own schedual to see first hand the trials and tribulations we deal with on a daily basis and the associated waste brought forth by the tyrants at these regulatory agencies.
    He did this, not as a photo op, but a hands on, get in the pile down and dirty deck hand. Boots, oil skins, the whole nine yards! Show me another politician who would do this.
    His concern is genuine and compared to the others of our federal delegation who seem to show up for photo ops or to throw the industry a monetary bone from time to time. It’s a breath of fresh air from a citizen who seems to genuinely care about people and is willing to advocate for them.
    If this is an indication of his commitment towards the people he plans to represent than I say give him a look. He’s not a professional politician/BS artist, he is just a man who seems to really care about making things better for the people of this state.
    Personally I’ve seen enough of the business as usual attitude here in RI. Nothing changes if nothing changes.
    Thank you Sal Giuseppe Caiozzo for your commitment to this state.

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