The government is what created Carlos Rafael

Bill Straus saw the writing on the wall years ago. In 2009 -eight years before Carlos Rafael went to prison – the representative of Bristol’s 10th District spoke out during the establishment of the current catch-share system in the Northeast fishery. And even with Rafael behind bars, Straus says the threat of another Codfather emerging is ever present. “The risk is still there,” Straus said. “And that’s why what comes out of the different remedies is so important. >click here to read< 22:52

2 Responses to The government is what created Carlos Rafael

  1. philips66 says:

    catch shares scam working exactly as planned by EDF & friends

  2. DickyG says:

    Catch shares management has not demonstrated a positive effect on any of the fisheries it has touched. It has not proven to be healthy for the fish or the fish consuming public, for the fishing communities or for the larger economy. Catch share management has, however, demonstrated its ability, world wide, to commodify a publicly owned resource, award its ownership to a select few, devastate independent fishermen and their communities, and …make the rich richer.
    Fresh local seafood is one of the last available sources of a food raised and fed solely by nature. It is clean food that is steroid, antibiotic, and melamine free. It is food high in protein, low in fat, and loaded with minerals and heart healthy omega 3 proteins. Government agency management through catch shares is moving fish production away from the local small boat fresh fish operations and toward industrial style fishing fleets and aquaculture. As small family farms are disappearing from the land, so small boat family fishing operations are disappearing from the ocean—and not for the lack of fish, but for the lack of integrity in management. In addition to jobs and clean food, we need the identity, the self-esteem of independence, and the sense of place that the local fisheries have always provided.

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