New MA Offshore Wind Farm Could Jeopardize Squid Fishery

Members of the commercial fishing community are worried a proposed utility-scale offshore wind farm in Massachusetts could impact Rhode Island’s lucrative squid industry. Massachusetts recently selected a project bid from Vineyard Wind to construct and deploy 100 turbines about 15 miles off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard in a federal wind energy area. However, Meghan Lapp, spokeswoman for a Rhode Island-based commercial fishing company called Seafreeze Ltd., said the project, which requires underwater cables to connect the project to the regional electricl grid, was sited directly through and adjacent to squid fishing grounds. >click to read<07:52

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  1. Dick Grachek says:

    From the RI NPR article above, “However, Erich Stephens, chief development officer for Vineyard Wind, said studies have shown those vibrations are not strong enough to have those types of impacts.”
    Ok, Erich Stephens exactly what “studies have shown”. Later for this BS generic “studies show”! Please be so kind as to list the “studies that have shown” (specifically the ones that you make reference to) that wind tower vibrations have no significant impact—specifically on Loligo Squid.

    And while you’re at it, reference a few studies that “show” how the magnetic fields from hundreds of millions of watts of current running around the area, from the feed and trunk lines, will effect the fish. Here’s one from the UK where there is a significant history with how wind farms effect the fishing grounds (hint: not good). (

    From the UK article link, the study clearly finds the effects of electro-magnetic fields from a wind installation on the fishing grounds will create: “Displacement from spawning and / or fishing grounds; reduced reproduction and survival; and consequently, reduced catches.” Fish, as well as ocean mammals, are especially sensitive to even miniscule electrical impulses, that’s how they find food, navigate, and communicate!

    In no uncertain terms, this ocean wind debacle will destroy a vital local fishery which produces many millions of pounds of clean healthy protein.

  2. Dick Grachek says:

    And. Erich Stephens. here’s another study from the RI Dept. of Environmental Management (RI DEM ) that specifically shows the negative impact on landings and revenue of using the fishing grounds for wind farms :…/fishw…/pdf/RIDEM_VMS_Report_2017.pdf

  3. Dick Grachek says:

    The Power Point presentation of the UK study linked above shows fish vulnerability to electro-magnetic fields, sound, and vibration disturbance during construction and operation of the wind turbines.

  4. Daniel Lehman says:

    Erich Stephens,
    Please send me photo coppies of all studies you have on file pertaining to wind farm and transmission dynamics on established fishery operations

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