Montauk Lobstermen Recall Their ‘Speck In The Sea’ Ordeal

John Aldridge was literally little more than a speck in the sea after being thrown off his lobster boat, the Anna Mary, on July 24, 2013. A crowd was all ears on Friday evening at the Montauk Library for an interactive lecture and book-signing of “A Speck in the Sea” headed by Debbie Tuma, a journalist and Montauk native, as Mr. Aldridge explained the ordeal of being lost at sea for 12 hours on what had started out as a routine lobster fishing trip. Then she asked for Mr. Sosinki’s take on the lost-at-sea misadventure.,,, When he realized Mr. Aldridge was missing, the boat was 62 miles from land—it had been 8 miles off the shore when they last saw Mr. Aldridge. >click to read<13:28

2 Responses to Montauk Lobstermen Recall Their ‘Speck In The Sea’ Ordeal

  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    An enjoyable, moderately paced reconstruction of the events where you begin to wonder, “would I have survived this ordeal.” Well worth picking this book up, especially for those from around the northeast region.

  2. Ed Everich says:

    Every time I see something about this incident it makes me aware of some greater power that takes over and allows a positive outcome. Call it whatever you want to but it is there at times like this that make the impossible possible.
    I served with John Sosinski in the USCG in 1964 wonder if they are related.

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