Dogfish population declines off East Coast, as will the harvest

A small species of shark that is fished for food off the East Coast has declined slightly in population, and fishermen will be allowed to catch slightly less of it in the coming year. Spiny dogfish are harvested off several Atlantic states, and they are especially popular in Europe. The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission says a recent assessment of the shark’s population shows a decline in the number of spiny dogfish. >click to read<10:13

2 Responses to Dogfish population declines off East Coast, as will the harvest

  1. Joel says:

    Who is doing this survey anyway? You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting dogfish in New England. These guys doing this survey work couldn’t catch the clap in a whorehouse with hundred dollar bills falling out if their pockets.

  2. More out-dated & flaw science being used again to stop U.S.A. fisherman from fishing !! Most fish stocks are back strong , but are being dumped back because of low quotas & out-dated regulations, that are being used today , meanwhile most other fishing countries ,just keep fishing with no regulations & are exporting their seafood to the u.s.a. ? NOTE OF INTEREST– 96% OF OUR SEAFOOD , eaten in usa is imported !!! WHEN MOST OF THE WORLD IS FISHED OUT , PROBABLY THE U.S.A. WILL HIRE , FOREIGNERS TO FISH OUR STOCKS BECAUSE MOST OUR FISHERMEN WILL GE GONE !!

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