Fishermen to NOAA: ‘We spend more time getting away from the fish than we do catching the fish’

The fishing industry pleaded with NOAA on Thursday afternoon for the one thing the agency couldn’t promise: urgency. “Unfortunately with the management process that we have, to abide by the law, which obviously we have to do as a federal agency, we have to abide by the law,” NOAA’s Northeast Regional Administrator Mike Pentony said. “We are subject to constraints. It is very difficult for us to react, to change quickly.” A roundtable discussion,,, The roundtable looked at what vision the fishermen and NOAA have for the groundfish industry and then touched on quota.  A common theme emerged from the fishing industry as it pelted Pentony with grave concerns regarding the future of the groundfish fishery. “This is the very bottom and the most discouraged mount of fishermen that I’ve seen since I’ve been involved in fisheries and that goes back to the mid-70s,” fisherman Ed Barrett said. “I can’t tell you how bad it is. You can ask any fishermen,” fisherman Ron Borjeson said. “We spend more time getting away from the fish than we do catching the fish.”>click to read<19:03

4 Responses to Fishermen to NOAA: ‘We spend more time getting away from the fish than we do catching the fish’

  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    You want to trust NOAA? Are you kidding me? Newsflash….NOAA is no friend to the New England fishing industry. There will be nothing left but corporate companies owning our fisheries resources when they are done.
    You want action? Take a page from the French and what they are doing in relation to government mandated fuel taxes.

  2. Edward J Everich says:

    The old saying goes , ” I’m from the Govt, I’m here to help you….” NOAA or BOEM it’s all the same. Agencies that are “top heavy” with people whose only real agenda is to retire with a fat pension and cover their ass in the process of destroying an industry.
    It is nothing more or less than regulation by default, we take over control of the fisheries by over regulation and then we give the sea bed to oil and wind. They should at least have the guts to be honest about this and admit that they have an agenda that is designed to destroy the commercial fishing industry as it now exists.
    Money talks and money is doing the talking, take away the tax credits and govt incentive programs and the ocean horizon would be clear of these intruders.


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