Man jailed 47 days for illegal lobsters

The Gloucester man caught landing 230 illegal lobsters in two separate incidents — 183 in one case, 47 in the other — now is essentially paying for his most recent crime by spending what amounts to as a day in jail for each illegal crustacean. James A. Santapaola Jr., 42, of 16 Forest Lane, has begun serving 47 days in Middleton Jail after he entered guilty pleas to 28 counts of possession of illegally short lobsters and 19 other counts related his possession of 16 V-notched lobsters and three oversized lobsters among his illegal landings. >click to read<08:19

3 Responses to Man jailed 47 days for illegal lobsters

  1. Michael P. Carvalho says:

    Anyone else had enough of this guy?

  2. Jill porper says:

    I can think of better things to jail people on

  3. Dick Grachek says:

    I don’t advocate breaking the law, but it seems like there’s little hesitantcy when it comes to locking up a fisherman for “illegal” Red Snapper or short Lobsters; while real criminals, responsible for misery and, in some cases, deaths in the hundreds of thousands, ride around in black SUVs with police escorts! Aside from the shame of imperialistic war, 47,800 deaths from opioids last year, while the law looked the other way until recently!

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