A night with Dave and Bear at Happy Jacks Saloon: The Last Morro Bay Fisherman’s Dive

Dave hated me. Wanted to fight me. Wanted to kick my ass. Felt I upstaged and up-ended him in every way. He was the unofficial leader of the “Brew Crew,” a notorious pack of young fishermen and deck hands who, when they were in town, terrorized Happy Jack’s like wild west cowboys treeing a saloon after a long cattle drive.,,, Nobody else was saying anything. Fishermen love to see a good fight. So, as Dave bristled and continued challenging, berating and threatening me, I spied his at-least-100-pound Rottweiler, Bear,,, >click to read< 08:15

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  1. Rob says:

    Must be a song about Cap Dave and Bear by someone maybe?

  2. Lorraine Kubiak says:

    That was an amazing story Del. Yes, your were not a favorite of his to begin with, but buds in the end. I forwarded this to Gunnar Kubiak,, Cap Dave & my son, our son. He enjoyed the story. Yes, we sure saw a lot of fisherman scuffles in the old Happy Jacks saloon. I saw Dave windmill several bodies out the front swinging doors, a few times.
    Brew Crew legendary and were the life of Morro Bays rough n tough crew.
    When David was coming in from fishing, everyone was stoked. Grab them lines tie the boat up & celebration time, for always a good catch he had. He was truly one of the finest of fisherman!
    Cap Dave was the love of my life. I will miss him forever! I will miss Bear dog forever.
    SONG: Gary Chuba (brew crew) had a song he would sing about Happy Jacks, it was classic!
    He changed the words from the song: Don’t worry be Happy! It was all about Happy Jacks.
    “There’s a little old place 12 miles from SLO, it’s Happy’s, don’t worry….etc. ” It would be classic to hear that song again, because it did have all the words that explained the dive bar named HAPPY JACKS SALOON. The bar I met Cap Dave, fell in love with him!
    Cheers to Dave Tope, for keeping the rough n tough dive bar open for many memories.
    Cheers to Virgil for safe rides home!

    • - Moderator says:

      I’ll tell you Lorraine Kubiak, when I read this this morning, the tears started rolling. It is such an honor to have you visit and share that wonderful story of legends. The story was an excellent read, but this heartfelt comment, and your visit really make this special. I had to go back and re re-read it, and I smiled. I hope Gunnar Kubiak enjoys the story. We have a few Morro bay fishermen that are regulars here, I hope they see your comment, and check in! Thank you for this, and I feel like Dave and Bear are smiling upon all of us today.

      • lorraine kubiak says:

        Thank you for your heartfelt reply. Gunnar enjoyed the story very much! He is a lot like his father in many ways.
        Dave and Bear will be in our hearts smiling forever!
        Gunnar can sure fish the river & lakes, He has fish in his blood forever.
        We used to hang a fish basket from the gantry, and throw a few pillows in the basket with Gunnar, since he was weeks old, a fisherman’s son!

  3. Steve stromme says:

    I was In happy jacks on Christmas Eve 1980 with Jim Brandenburg Joe Geever and Kenny Beck the human wreck , we were thrown out after 45 minutes, glad I survived those years. Hope you guys are still alive

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