What BS! Regulators to fishermen: Don’t blame catch observers

The request came in an open letter to fishing permit holders Thursday, a little over two weeks into a fishing year that saw the fleet take painful cuts in catch limits. Observers have reported increased verbal abuse in recent months and the letter is a reminder that such anger is misdirected, said Rip Cunningham, chair of the New England Fishery Management Council and one of the five signees of the letter. continued

I found this letter to be disingenuous ad un necessary.  These people are stepping out of bounds.

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  1. - Moderator says:

    I found this letter to be disingenuous ad un necessary. The two cases in New England I have knowledge of were dealt with, including prosecutions. Both of these cases were before any crisis in the fishery, and were random. This un needed response was a reaction to the Association for Professional Observers (APO) and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) report that stated attacks against independent monitors of U.S. fishing fleets more than doubled between 2007 and 2011. These people are stepping out of bounds.

  2. Dick Grachek says:

    I’d like to know when the “leadership” at NOAA and the councils are going to give some “respect and cooperation” to the fishing industry? —in this rather “difficult fishing year for many”

  3. I call them spys. I have no time for these little pissbitches.They call and ask,” are you going fishing this week”? To which I reply,yes,I’m leaving in half an hour,do you want to go? The spy,( who sounds like she’s sitting in a bar) then giggles and says ,” no,to windy to nite”. Let me get this right,I have 1million + invested in a vessel,gear and permits,and I don’t have a choice,I must fish every possible day that I can,but the spy,who’s sucking the public tit,can pick and choose when they want to go? I think it’s time for Andy to start ponying up his money and buying his own fleet of boats. Andy Rosenburg and his F–king Spy’s make me sick. Andy should have been prosecuted as soon as he started his spy business,seeing as he had a hand in setting up the spy program when he was regional director. CaptainHappy says spy’s suck!

  4. - Moderator says:

    The notion that “leadership” (what a joke) felt the compulsion to even put out a notice about this non issue shows they are out of touch.
    Andy? A Pew dirtbag that has been gaming the industry for decades.
    I was amazed to watch that mrags contract materialize. Takes balls.

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