America Needs To Stop Relying On Countries Like China For Seafood Markets

When Americans visit a supermarket and wander past the meat counter, they see this century’s equivalent of the fishmonger’s stall: the seafood department. Laden over crushed ice in glass cases sits an array of fish products — whole snapper or shrimp, maybe, but almost always pre-sliced filets in a bevy of hues. Oysters and clams complete the display. In the rare cases where stores divulge the provenance of seafood, placards will often list Thailand, China or South American countries. Less frequently, however, will one see U.S-raised or caught seafood in such displays. This is disappointing to the patriot who wishes to ‘buy American.’ >clickto read< 07:00

2 Responses to America Needs To Stop Relying On Countries Like China For Seafood Markets

  1. sam Anthony parisi says:

    We should not have to relied on one country for our lobsters ,there are other countries that are out there ,its a matter of marketing to other countries ,like Switzerland, Italy, Norway and others we should not depend on one country for this product .Thanks Sam Parisi former lobster dealer .

  2. Rocky Novello says:

    Our U.S. Government must have higher imported tariffs taxes on all foreign seafood products enter the U.S.A. !! At the present time Iceland haddock can be bought in the U.S.A. at a cheaper price than
    our domestic caught haddock because Iceland’s Fishermen are subsidized by their country to succeed in Iceland Fishing Industry ? Most all countries subsidized their fishing industry except our U.S.A. Government, WHY ??? Our U.S.A. Fishing Industry needs HELP FROM OUR POLITICIANS or Americans will continue to eat foreign caught fish into the future ??

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