Captain forms bond with Red Eye the seagull he saved while out at sea – Its really a Love Story!

It can be a lonely job pulling lobster traps way out in the middle of the Gulf of Maine. But for 15 years, Captain John Makowsky had company, a faithful companion. In fact, he says maybe a little too faithful. “She comes right up to the window and looking at me this far away,” said Makowsky, as he puts his hand to his face and starts laughing. “Just staring at me.” Makowsky’s stalker “gull-friend,” who he named Red Eye, showed up one day in 2005 and basically never left, until a few months ago when Red Eye suffered a leg injury. He knew a seagull couldn’t live long like that. >Video, click to read<, and another story, with photos, >click here< 16:12

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