Transportation Safety Board: Factory freezer trawler fire met with uncoordinated response

A fire on board OCI’s factory-freezer trawler Newfoundland Lynx in January started in the vessel’s sauna and, while the fire was contained, it was met with an uncoordinated response by the crew due to a lack of fire drills that involved “realistic scenarios,” states a Transportation Safety Board (TSB) report released this week. The report also notes that some of the firefighting equipment on board was in a deteriorated condition and that there wasn’t enough of some key parts of the firefighting equipment. It advised in the report that, “It is important that crews perform fire drills on a regular basis to confirm that firefighting equipment is in working order, and to reinforce their knowledge of how to use the equipment and of assigned emergency duties. It is also important that these drills include varied and realistic scenarios so that crews are prepared to respond effectively to emergencies.” >click to read< 08:21

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