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Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Pulls the Plug on Gulf of Maine Shrimp Fishery

“The Northern Shrimp Technical Committee has considered the Gulf of Maine northern shrimp stock to have collapsed with very little hope for recovery in the near future,” Kelly Whitmore, chairwoman of the committee, told members of a section advisory panel Tuesday morning. “There are no small shrimp around right now. It doesn’t bode well for the future.” [email protected] 16:34

Entombed at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, Harrison Odjegba Okene begged God for a miracle.

As the temperature dropped to freezing, Okene recited the last psalm his wife had sent by text message, sometimes called the Prayer for Deliverance: “Oh God, by your name, save me. … The Lord sustains my life.” To this day, Okene believes his rescue in May is a sign of divine deliverance. The other 11 seaman aboard the Jascon 4 died. Video and [email protected] 16:12

Prices for Maine scallops skyrocket – low supply as the reason for the strong prices

Maine scallop fishermen kicked off their season Monday with some of the highest per-pound prices ever seen, helping to offset harvesting restrictions put in place to better manage the fishery, a state official said. [email protected] 15:24

International Pacific Halibut Commission’s Interim Meeting – Wednesday, December 4 and Thursday, December 5, 2013

The International Pacific Halibut Commission’s Interim Meeting will be held in Seattle, Washington, on Wednesday, December 4 and Thursday, December 5, 2013 at the offices of the IPHC. The meeting will begin at 8:30am PST on Wednesday and run through Thursday afternoon. Again this year, all sessions will be webcast (except for the finance and administration session at the end of the second day) and the webcast is open to the public. Webcast audience members will be able to submit questions for the presenters and/or Commissioners during these sessions. more [email protected] Register for the webcasts: •Wednesday, December 4 0830-1700 Pacific  •Thursday, December 5 0830-1300 Pacific 15:08

Commercial Dungeness in Northern California on hold indefinitely – fishermen and wholesaler’s haggle over prices.

While local commercial crab fishermen were given the green light to start fishing Dec. 1, they won’t start until wholesale buyers agree to lock into a price. Currently, wholesalers are offering $2.50 a pound, while fishermen are asking for $3, the same price wholesalers agreed to pay in central California, according to Wild Planet Foods President Bill Carvalho. [email protected]

Cool Fish, Hot Water III – Black Sea Bass

Previous posts in our Cool Fish, Hot Water series have introduced two of the species that are moving into the Gulf of Maine, Black Sea Bass as water temperatures rise: seahorses and longfin squid. While seahorses are still an occasional visitor, New England’s longfin squid fishery has taken off in response to squid’s increased abundance. This time, we’ll focus on another species with commercial potential—black sea bass. [email protected]  12:37

Louisiana Oysters on the brink: ‘It’s not a decline; it’s zero population’

Three years after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, local oystermen and processors say Louisiana oysters are tough to come by this winter and the state’s $300 million annual industry is suffering. Exactly why is the subject of much speculation. Several agree that the number of oysters being harvested is the lowest they’ve seen and particularly suffering on public grounds relied upon for both commercial catch and seed. [email protected] 12:05

Southwest Alaska Salmon Science Workshop December 3-5, 2013 in Anchorage.

Dec 3  7-9PM) -The opening evening will feature a presentation (“Ice Dams, Lake Ahtna and the Evolution of Salmon”) by Dr. David Montgomery of the University of Washington. He will discuss how glacial ice dams and prehistoric mega floods may have influenced the evolution of salmon and other fish species. Dr. Montgomery is a MacArthur Fellow and author of King of Fish, the story of man’s troubled relationship with salmon. more info here 10:22

Independent Greenpeace? Never Mind

Greenpeace makes a big deal about how it’s independent. It tells us again and again and again that it accepts no government or corporate money. We don’t solicit or accept funding from governments, corporations or political parties, or donations which could compromise our independence, aims, objectives or integrity. The implication is clear: Greenpeace is “pure.” Government and corporate funding is bad. Taking such money renders one morally suspect. [email protected] Check out the NGO links!

What Is The ACTUAL Risk for Pacific Coast Residents from Fukushima Radiation?

It is very difficult to obtain accurate information on the dangers from Fukushima radiation to residents of the West Coast of North America and Hawaii. On the one hand, there is fear-mongering and “we’re all going to die” type hysteria. On the one hand, there is a tendency for governments to cover up the truth to avoid panic and deflect blame for bad policy. Japan is poised to pass a bill which would outlaw most reporting on Fukushima. And the U.S. government is not even monitoring radiation levels in the waters off the U.S. coast. As the Cape Cod Times reports,<em> [email protected]  09:10